We understand ‘Personalisation’ to mean that those individuals who are eligible for ongoing support will have the option of designing and planning it themselves. Service users may choose to have money, called a personalised budget to pay for their support and the services they choose will be based on what they think will improve their life.

Core Arts currently work closely with people who purchase our service via Direct Payments or Personal Budgets who have identified Core Arts to benefit their well-being and social inclusion. We liaise with the individual and their mental health support team to set up a personalised payment package from their own designated bank account or via invoice directly to the payments team (resources department) This package is agreed in line with the person’s own preferred access to Core, agreed by the care team and once in place we support them further in how they specifically choose to engage with our service.

Full Day Access (2 sessions)

  • full day access (up to 2 days)

Half Day only (1 session)

  • (minimum access)
  • Please be aware that days (£50) can be split into half days as we are mindful a full day of learning may not be appropriate for some members (i.e. 2 days is equivalent to 4 half days access/ 1 day (£50) can be split over 2 half days access)
  • If personal budget is allocated directly to the member to purchase services, the form of payment will need to be agreed at enrollment i.e. cheque / bank transfer or cash payment to cover agreed membership period (minimum 12 weeks)
  • The minimum length of a course is 12 weeks.
  • Charges apply 52 weeks of the year.

We will be able to advise you on the above, and we have members who are currently funded from most London Boroughs.

In return, the member will be able to have full access per day at Core Arts, which includes up to 15 different classes per day and workshops in Art, Music, creative media and Horticulture and access to open studios, resources and networking links. Classes are lead by experienced tutors, who are accomplished artists or musicians focused on learning and personal development of the individual. Membership incorporates opportunities for progression, including volunteering, responsibility, access to social enterprises and training. Membership also includes involvement and participation in exhibitions, shows, gigs and a range of events within the community.

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