Food growing

Core Landscapes has developed functional and sustainable ways of growing crops in containers giving people the opportunity to try out a wide range of food-growing all year round, from sweet potato to grafted tomato plants.

Focusing on sustainable and organic growing techniques – much thought is given to moisture retention and soil health through good soil management, as well as encouraging thriving bio-diversity in the gardens.
Volunteers and students can expand existing food growing skills, or learn some new ones, putting into practice lots of different gardening techniques – then try out their own ideas of growing crops at home – on window-sills, balconies, gardens or anywhere else.
We cover lots of gardening topics including…

  • All about the soil – from compost making to liquid feeds
  • Sowing new seeds – indoor and outdoor techniques
  • Making new plants from old – lots of propagation skills
  • Herbs for window boxes – things you can try at home
  • Food all year round – including the winter months
  • Pest and disease control (organically) – no need for chemical sprays
  • Seasonal Inspiration and lots more…

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