CSR Webinars and Virtual Tours

Online alternatives to CSR days

Core Landscapes offers dynamic CSR webinars across a range of green topics to help for fill your CSR criteria. Inspire your team to home garden or engage in their local community growing projects to better their mental health and wellbeing and support Core Landscapes in the process.
Webinars cover a range of imaginative principles and practises from window-sill gardening to global food production.

With 10 years experience of setting up and managing community growing projects involving a wide range of beneficiaries, over 4 different sites in 3 East London Boroughs Core Landscapes is experienced in all different growing conditions and has overcome numerous challenges inspiring others to grow gardens anywhere, anyhow.

Option 1 – Sustainable Food on a Global Scale (1.5hrs)

  • This Webinar gives an overview of Industrial v. Sustainable Agriculture and why we need to understand it for the future of the planet. It links community and individual growing within a global context, offers inspiration on how to get involved and why we need to look at the bigger picture as home gardeners and food consumers.

Option 2 – Organic Food Growing at home and in the Community (1.5hrs)

  • This webinar focuses on the key issues of Individual and Community Food Growing in London and the UK and inspiration to start growing your own or incorporate more sustainable gardening techniques into your food growing garden. It also encourages supporting your local community food growing garden or enterprise.

Option 3 – Gardeners Question Time “Growing Your Own Food” (1hr)

  • This webinar is a chance to ask all those Food Growing Gardening Questions without the use of herbicides, pesticides or peat based compost with the opportunity to show your plant queries on screen to develop your horticultural understanding.

Option 4 – Virtual Tour Round the Core Landscapes Gardens (up to 1hr)

  • Garden tours of the Core roof garden and street level garden that showcase creative growing in shade and sun, shelter and exposure, containers or in the ground. Demonstrating a range of sustainable techniques; rain harvesting, solar powered irrigation system, compositing and organic pest control showing you can create a sustainable garden anywhere anyhow.

Option 5 – The What’s and Why’s of Water Harvesting (1.5hrs)

  • A virtual tour and talk including Q&A’s round Cores two beautiful community gardens in Hackney – showcasing Innovative Water Saving Techniques for Garden Irrigation you can try at home. Whether it’s hanging baskets, raised beds, street planters or in the ground we can show you how to irrigate using solar power and water harvesting techniques as well as how best to retain water in your soil.
    Viewed in the context of climate change and ecological emergency mitigation this imaginative tour will increase awareness of sustainable growing techniques and show you some simple things you can do to have a positive impact on the environment.

If you have an idea for another garden and growing related topic you are interested in let us know.

Delivered by Core Landscapes manager

With over 10 years experience teaching adult education and has delivered training on behalf of the RHS, London’s community food growing network Capital Growth, the UK wide network Social Farms and Gardens, the Recovery College Tower Hamlets as well to numerous community growing projects across London. Nemone has organic gardened for over 4 decades, is RHS qualified and a trained garden designer. Nemone is passionate about connecting people to gardening for the benefit of the grower, their local community and the wider environment.

By attending this webinar you will be supporting our work engaging people with mental health issues to learn about gardening and the natural world to aid recovery and ongoing self-care.

For more information, please contact Nemone Mercer, Core Landscapes manager at 07585 770868 or via nmercer@corearts.co.uk.

“I thought the information was delivered really well, I liked the interaction”

“I’ve had team messages already telling me they’re inspired to get a few pots going on their balconies this weekend – and I am now eagerly awaiting a time when I might be able to volunteer for such an awesome community project.”

“It was great, really enjoyed it thank you”

“Thank you so much for that thoroughly enjoyable webinar!”