Garden Placements

Ten-week garden placement opportunities for horticultural students

Working with referred beneficiaries, community volunteers, support volunteers and the general public, we create and care for multiple gardens, a plant nursery, street tree pits and planters, a meadow strip and a community orchard in Homerton, Hackney. We also developing a new 1600 m2 garden.

With a focus on organic, sustainable and wildlife-promoting practices, the gardens showcase what can be done in urban areas with creative and efficient use of small spaces, rain water harvesting and solar-powered irrigation systems, creating habitats and fostering wildlife, composting, and on-going experimentation with plants suited for different conditions.

The garden placement is a chance for those studying and/or interested in horticulture to put skills into practise. Some of the interests Core Landscapes is particularly suited for include:

  • Organic and sustainable gardening practices
  • Social and Therapeutic horticulture
  • Urban gardening
  • Rain water harvesting and solar-powered irrigation systems
  • Propagation skills – from seed sowing to different types of cuttings and division
  • Year-round food growing
  • Container growing
  • Homemade fertilisers – liquid feeds, wormery, compost, leaf-mould
  • Incorporating and welcoming ‘weeds’ into the garden
  • Natural pest and disease control: Learning from nature
  • Plant Design: what looks effective together and why
  • Wildflowers and their benefits
  • Culinary and medicinal herbs
  • Seed saving
  • Pruning

Placement opportunities all year round on Tuesdays. To register your interest or to find out more, please contact or 07585 770868. 

“I have gained confidence from having an insight into how a project is run and from gaining experience in a very supported way.”

“It’s dynamic, how many things you can apply, how much you can use in different ways and different places.”

“Every lesson I learnt something or observed something new and made new connections.

“A really useful session to understand soil in a straightforward way – I will never forget it.”

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