Core Arts relies heavily on donations from non-government organisations and the public.

If you would like to make a donation to Core Arts please download a donation form or donate online. Thank you for your support.
Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way to donate to Core Arts. It enables you to give to charity before you pay tax, which means if you pledge £10 the cost to you is just £7.80 if you are a basic tax payer. Some companies will even match the contributions of their employees.

Why is Core Arts needed?

  • Severe mental illness affects between 900,000 and 1.8 million people in the UK each year.
  • Social isolation, lack of employment opportunities, and stigma and discrimination all contribute to poor mental health. Too many people with mental distress are cut off from society and are left lonely, ignored and unfulfilled. They often have no reason to leave the house and no impetus to get better.

Hackney is the fifth most deprived local authority in the country and has one of the highest unemployment rates. Deprivation is linked to mental health problems. Hospital admissions in Hackney due to schizophrenia are three times the national average.

Arts activities can tackle the causes of poor mental health. Taking part in the arts can improve self-confidence and self-esteem as well as develop creative skills. These can provide important opportunities for further employment, education and making friends. The arts can also help break down discrimination and prejudice through increasing interaction between people with and without mental health problems. Core Arts gives people the support and encouragement they need to benefit from the arts and achieve lasting improvement in their mental health. Funding will help improve skills and increase opportunities
Core Arts improves the lives of people with severe mental health problems. Its members have gained greater self-confidence and self-esteem as well as important professional and personal skills. This has given them the tools to take greater control over their lives, transforming their opportunities to get work and make friends.
These arts activities also help combat stigma and discrimination. Through the public performances and social enterprises people with mental health issues can interact with the wider community.
Since joining, 83% of members feel they have more self-confidence. Each year 10-15% of members move to further education, employment or volunteering. This is an important step on the path to good mental health.
The success of Core Arts can also be seen in its popularity. Around 40% of its members come to the centre at least three times a week.
Core Arts has received awards and prizes from a range of bodies, including: The Kings Fund; the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) and the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (RSA) Angela Vivian Award 2005.
Core Arts receives referrals from 15 London Boroughs. It provides a unique opportunity for its members to benefit from the arts and use them to improve their mental health and their lives.