Progression Gardening Sessions at Core Landscapes

Thursday mornings: 10.30am to 12.30pm

  • For experienced gardeners with Core Arts membership
  • For people who prefer to learn in an informal environment and/or
  • For experienced gardeners who can support others in their learning

Progression Gardening sessions are for Core Arts members with some gardening know how already, or for members who have completed a term of Beginner Gardening sessions. In these focused classes you can expand your practical and technical gardening skills, and share existing ones, with experienced staff and peers in friendly, informal and beautiful spaces.

Your practical gardening knowledge is developed by helping to care for Core Landscapes’ roof garden and micro plant nursery and by nurturing the Core Arts members’ garden as well as looking after the street planting in Wardle Street and the meadow are orchard areas in Homerton Grove nearby. We also have a series of specialist technical sessions on particular areas of horticulture (see below for examples). We are open to your own ideas too, so if you have an interest in a particular plant(s) or subject matter we will do our best to accommodate. We have a huge range of plants to learn more about with lots of planting ideas afoot – so whatever your area of interest there is something here for everyone.

Gardening has proved time and time again to boost mental health and wellbeing. The skills learnt here also help promote confidence, self-esteem and healing; Gardening is very useful for long-term self-care. We work with small class sizes focusing on personal goals to develop your areas of interest further to get the most out of your time with us. The gardens are safe spaces to meet new people and new plants. People can work in pairs, small groups or individually as they prefer.

You can learn about:

  • Ornamentals: identification, maintenance + planting design
  • Plant propagation (making new plants from existing ones)
  • Food growing in the changing climate
  • Pruning and other seasonal care
  • Meadow care in an urban setting
  • Plant adaptations – different plants for different places
  • Community Orchards – ours is in nearby Homerton Grove
  • Growing and using herbs + other medicinal plants
  • Organic ways to control pests and diseases
  • Regenerative soil-care and soil life and lots more…

The staff can also signpost where to go to get formal gardening qualifications, work experience ideas and volunteering information at other community gardens if gardening is perhaps something you are thinking about doing vocationally in the future or getting back into. But if you’re new to gardening, or want to refresh old knowledge, Core Landscapes also runs Beginner Gardening sessions with a taster gardening topic covered each week during spring, summer, autumn and winter. These sessions are a great way to get into gardening at a relaxed pace.

Please contact the Core Arts Membership Team to book a space or for membership/referral information: 020 8533 3500. If you are not a Core Arts member check out our Community Volunteering or Support Volunteering opportunities. For more general information about Core Landscapes contact Nemone on 07585 770 868 or

We look forward to hearing from you.

 “I like the way that it is a relaxed, non-intense atmosphere.”

“Core Landscapes has had a very positive impact on my mood. The classes have showed me I am able to learn some science if it has a meaningful context for me.”

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“It has given me something to look forward to each week. New people to mingle with learning in a group – which means we can learn from each other mixing with different age groups, cultures etc. Being in nature in all seasons. Also working together on different projects. E.g. planting trees in the park and planting up the public spaces around Core Arts.”

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“I like the flexibility in the sessions and there are options of what to do. “

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“Gardening has helped me recognise the care that my body needs – gardeners must look after their backs! It’s good to have a heightened awareness of when I’m not being kind towards or mindful of my bodies needs.”

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“I’m happy to do whatever needs to be done on the day. I like the variety of tasks needed – no session is the same and I like that. I don’t have my own garden so am limited in what I can ‘take home’ but still enjoy learning about all the different things that others bring to the sessions too. The sessions are so relaxing at the same time as being informative and engaging.”

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“I enjoy learning new skills and seeing the progress of our planting evolve in all the gardens. It’s been nice working with new people and getting to know them. It gives me a good structure to the week and it is good to be outside.”

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