Core Arts members’ garden

Core Arts members’ garden

Roof top and plant sales area

Roof top and plant sales area

Roof top garden

Roof top garden

Roof and Garage garden:
Entrance on Wardle Street round the corner from 1 St Barnabas Terrace E9 6DJ
Open to public + for plant sales during term time Tuesdays 10am – 3pm
Friday tours by appointment 

Street level garden:
Entrance opposite 1 St Barnabas Terrace E9 6DJ
Open access Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Meadow and Orchard areas:
In Homerton Grove in front of Homerton hospital E9 6BX
Open access during park hours

Community Gardens

Developing underused East London sites for positive mental health through horticulture.

Historically Core Landscapes has utilised temporary ‘meanwhile’ sites to create vibrant, active, green spaces for positive mental health and community wellbeing, while addressing the climate and ecological emergencies we are facing.
Now we have a central Hub Site at our roof garden project on Core Arts’ roof in Hackney.

Core Landscapes works at 2 ends of the growing spectrum nurturing 3 garden areas;

  • Our hot, west facing, exposed, roof-top garden
  • Our darker garage garden (under the roof garden) and
  • Core Arts’ sheltered street level garden with mature shrubs and trees

Along with our street planting on Wardle St and the meadow and orchard we take care of in Homerton Grove, the gardens give students and volunteers a multitude of opportunities to explore a wide range of plants to widen plant knowledge and knowhow, including food growing, wildlife gardening, community orcharding, pond plants, herbs and ornamentals.

Our gardens enable people to meet others in a safe space and learn about all forms of horticulture in a relaxed and supportive environment to benefit mental health and wellbeing. This helps to break down stigma around mental ill health promoting recovery and opportunity. We work with people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences and have links with numerous community-based organisations and referral routes that engage with the project in lots of different ways wherever we are based.

Propagation, plant maintenance, landscaping and construction are a large part of our project and offer a range of opportunities to our volunteers and beginner gardeners. The project is anchored around our capacity to propagate the plants that source our gardens, other local community green-spaces, and selling our plants to the public. We advocate organic gardening without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides – aiming to create spaces that promote positive mental and physical health, encourage wildlife and mitigate against the climate and ecological emergencies we are facing – utilising water harvesting, solar energy and composting wherever we are.

Opening times during school term times

Roof Garden + Plant Sales: Tuesdays 10am – 3pm
Full Garden Tours: Friday lunch times by appointment.
Core Arts garden: open to the public on Tuesdays to Fridays.

Contact: or 07585 770 868