Advice,  Support + Training

With over 9 years experience of setting up and managing community growing projects involving a wide range of volunteers and other beneficiaries, over 4 different sites in 3 East London Boroughs, Core Landscapes offers a consultation service to help enable others to set up and/or effectively manage sustainable community growing projects that offer good social return on investment. Logistical Consultation + Support

Core Landscapes is a multi-award winning meanwhile community garden and plant nursery and is part of the mental health charity Core Arts.

Please note each growing project and organisation has its own unique site + community with varying aims + objectives for it. The list below gives an overview of the general areas and is not exclusive. Support is tailored to the project and its needs at any given time.

Logistical Consultation + Support

Site visits 

  • Advice on site surveys + discussions around:
  • Access + engagement potential
  • Site aspect + implications

Stakeholder engagement

  • Discussions around:
  • Working with landowners + wider stakeholders
  • Managing expectations + Red tape

Funding applications

  • Discussions around:
  • Logistical and engagement overview
  • Delivery and budget
  • Realistic aims + timeframes

Preliminary design advice/planting plans/garden design

  • Discussions around:
  • Designing a community growing project overview of issues to consider
  • Garden and planting design + aims for community engagement 

Community Engagement

  • Discussions around:
  • Community consultation
  • Volunteer coordination + collaboration
  • Additional targeted beneficiaries aims + objectives
  • Valuing volunteers

On going email support

  • As the garden project develops:
  • Troubleshooting, advice + signposting
  • Horticultural support + signposting

Staff advice support + training

One-to-one staff support + advice on adequate protocols in place to create a supportive working environment for both staff and volunteers and other beneficiaries. Areas explored E.g.

  • Protocols /expectations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Inclusivity
  • Emotional support + resilience

Core Landscapes can also advise on staff recruitment and interviews.

Sustainable Horticultural Practises

  • Planting for people + wildlife
  • Irrigation + water management
  • Soil management
  • Climate change mitigation


Horticultural services
(NB Flexible depending on the size of site Core Landscapes is managing at any given time)

  • Growing to order perennials, annuals or vegetable plant stock. Core Landscapes propagates and grows on ready for your project to plant out
  • Guided tours for community members at Core Landscapes sites for ideas, demos, Q and A’s.
  • Subsidised plant stock – we stock a range of resilient and wildlife friendly perennials, herbs, annuals and some shrubs and trees for sale.

Staff overview

Consultation advice support + training is delivered by staff with over 20 years experience of project management and over 10 years setting up and managing community wide growing projects for a wide range of beneficiaries, including 8 years setting up and running a garden project for a primary school.
Horticulturally trained at Capel Manor College Nemone Mercer has managed Core Landscapes for over 7 years across 4 different sites. She regularly supports other community growing projects in a wide range of areas.
Training for the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, Capital Growth Social Farms and Gardens and the Recovery College.
She also designs gardens for private clients and is formally from a visual arts background.
Nemone is passionate about connecting people with plants and the environment for the benefit of both and promoting the value of this work to stakeholders.

Consultation Rates: Flexible Daily and half day C/o Core Arts.
For further info contact: Core Landscapes Manager Nemone Mercer 


“Thank you so much for your help and advice… – invaluable!”

“Thank you for your time yesterday. It was very useful to see how others do it. Such a nice space you have created with such a nice variety of plants.”