Plant Sales

Open for Plant Sales on:
• Tuesdays 10.00am – 3.00pm
• Or by appointment

An off-shoot of teaching our students and volunteers how to propagate – is all the new plants we generate…! These are for sale in our garage garden on Tuesdays – under the roof garden on Wardle Street. We may be tending to our street planting or at Homerton Grove so if the gate is shut please ring 07585 770 868 and we’ll come and serve you. Or if the gate is open but we’re not around you can serve yourself and leave the money in the payment box.

Though a “micro” plant nursery we produce an interesting range of herbs, perennials and seasonal bedding alongside some larger shrubs and trees. We specialise in growing plants suitable for container growing, easy to grow resilient plants and ones useful for community green spaces. All proceeds from our plant sales help to green up the local environment and it’s a great way of supporting the work we do to promote positive mental health through gardening and engaging with nature.

On offer:

  • Horticultural advice
  • Top tips for thriving plants
  • Specialist advice on container growing and challenging sites

Most of the plants we supply have been propagated and brought on by us, under organic gardening principles. We grow a good range of different plants suitable for many different sites, soils, and aspects so there is something for everyone. We never use peat-based compost, herbicides or pesticides and aim to sell as many wildlife friendly plants we have room for to increase bio-diversity.

Plant donations and recycled plastic bags gratefully received!

Bespoke Orders

With enough lead-up time we can supply larger orders for other community based organisations. Please contact us directly on or 07585 770 868.