Patients Know Best is a secure online record of your health and care information that you can access anytime, anywhere*. You can also choose who to share it with. Core Sport have set up this access with the City and Hackney CCG to support you to have more access to your own data and to allow you to see what records are held and have a copy as well as join up all the support that may be being offered in one space, your personal space.

*You don’t need to upgrade your computer or install new software and you control who gets to access your records. With Patients Know Best, you (and your healthcare professionals) can view all the information held about you from every organisation that supports you, all in one place. However, you have total control of who sees what. If you think it will support you and you want your support linked up in this way  –total transparency– you can make it happen.

What can it do?

Your personal record allows you to:

  • View your health forms held by Core Sport from induction and review.
  • Send Core Sport team updated versions of your Core Sport forms at anytime.
  • Edit and review forms and keep for yourself, and feedback to the team if you so wish.
  • Access a library of info created especially for you by Core Sport.
  • Add any progress via measurements, Fitbit data, journaling, upload and access useful online advice and resources including leaflets, audio file, photos and videos if you want to.
  • Access the library of info from the other teams you receive support from.
  • Send and receive direct secure messages and events info from all your current team – Core Sport team members and coaches are contactable here and also directly via phone and text.
  • View test and lab results if your GP is invited to PKB, this might be your health check data for example. Then you can share with Core Sport if you want to so you review any info to make it meaningful to your progress.
  • Add upcoming appointments using the calendar. Core Sport will aim to send updates from meetings you’ve had with the team.
  • Allow all teams involved with your support access, such as care coordinator or Personal Health Budget advisor. You control access but you can create a one stop shop for all the support you have in place.
  • If you have a personal health budget you can view it there and feedback if you want to.
  • View your current care plans held by ELFT or The Advocacy Project, goal setting plans and progress reports- devise your own plan this way!
  • Connect wearable devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors and Fitbit trackers so that you can upload your measurements and track them over time.
  • Use the symptom tracker to accurately track how you are doing holistically, you can track suggested symptoms and add your own to personalise your tracking.
  • PKB will create graphs to show you your data in visual and meaningful ways so you can really review what’s been happening all in the knowledge that you are in control.

To register with Patients Know Best, and have access to you own portal, just tell any of the sports team and we will set you up!

Here’s a quick demo of the portal and its basic functions, so you can see its user friendly and easy to use.

You can attend the monthly focus groups to feedback your experience and be part of the development of the portal, we need your feedback and suggestions so we can ensure PKB is as useful to you as possible! The sessions run on the first Wednesday of the month (Online–Sports Zoom login) and face to face on the last Friday of the month, we can assist with specifics in this session too, such as adding devices etc.

You can have 1:1 support with getting to grips with the portal, just tell the Core Sport team and they will make sure it happens.

PKB will notify you when new information is available to your portal, and you are able to prepare any questions ahead of appointments and use it to log and manage your health and care in the meantime. It’s a really easy way to share info and keep yourself updated about your own progress.

Message your team

You can use PKB to message your team. The Core sport team will be assigned as your team as you log in, and you may choose to add additional teams. We will link it to your ELFT team, and you then have the ability to agree permissions. If you have a personal health budget (PHB) you’ll see that in there too via The Advocacy project. You can fill out and edit any of the plans created by your team and send them an updated copy, for example you can send the Core Sport team your current timetable interests, or do a wellness questionnaire as well as offer feedback about classes! You can log any additional exercise you do beyond Core sport and let the team know your progress!

There is a me and my goals form that you may wish to send to us, do it for yourself or share with everyone involved in your current care team! It’s totally up to you. You also can at a glance see who has viewed so you are totally up to date.

Some people might want to cut down on phone calls or keep the log of a discussion safely with doctor or hospital by securely messaging your healthcare team online.

Wonderfully it has the options to quickly share data, messages, photos, videos and documents in minutes. Just depends on your preferences.

Access resources via the library

The Library is created by Core Sport, hosting up to date info, handouts, vimeos and class info sheets. Core Sport want it to be useful and interesting and therefore would be more than grateful to find out what you would want to see in your library. There are contact details for other services especially ones you may seek locally.

Manage Appointments

You can use PKB as a diary for appointments. Core sport will send through brief confirmations of meetings you have already had with the team. This is so you have a personal record. We will still use text and phone to arrange as we might not be logged in to receive your message. However, feel free to use this in a way that is helpful to you.

If you have added another professional you may which to use this function with them to organise appointments or book in dates for you to catch up.

Add your data

You can upload anything you think if important as part of your journey to PKB. Then it’s stored safely in one place, you can go paperless if you’d like to!

You can ask for your health check data to be sent to PKB so you have a copy and add to any sections manually as you see fit.

This portal is secure, so the data is safe and stored- it’s not on a phone or an app which could get lost or deleted.

Connect wearable devices

Connect data from over 100 wearable devices such as Fitbits or glucometers. It’s a great way to log real time info and check your progress. Core Sport are able to help you set this up and will let you know if you can be supported with a Fitbit. This helps you to track yourself holistically.

Track your health

Keep a journal, monitor your symptoms and add measurements. Understand what’s normal for you. Notice changes or themes that you might not have been aware of.  If something isn’t quite right, you can show your team the data.

Share your record

Instantly share all, or parts of your record with anyone who needs it.

Quickly give access to your GP, hospital consultant, at-home care provider, pharmacist, paramedic, carer or next of kin. Control what they see with granular privacy and consent settings and best of all, access it wherever you go (at home or abroad) for real peace of mind.