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Get Moving with Core Sport

Core Sport offers a wide range of sport-specific and exercise classes,along with a weight management programme and regular health checks. Equipment is provided and all levels are welcome to all classes.

Get Moving with Core Sport

Core Sport offers a wide range of sport-specific and exercise classes,along with a weight management programme and regular health checks. Equipment is provided and all levels are welcome to all classes.

All inclusive

All skill levels are welcome to any of our classes. Join in the fun!

Free to join

Free for City & Hackney residents with GP referral.

At Core Sport you can access:

a range of activities including yoga, boxing, dance, walking groups, cycling, tennis and more…

No need to book

All levels are welcome. We provide General Heath Checks.

Free to join

Free for City & Hackney residents, ‘pay and play’ option for those who live outside the borough.

unlimited access

to members of Core Arts and The Wellbeing Network or Sport on prescription through a GP referral

Latest News

London Sports Awards finalists announced!

Core Sport are delighted to be shortlisted for the London Sport Awards 2023, for the The Health & Wellbeing Award []

Winner HSJ Value Awards 2021: Digital Clinical Transformation Award

The digital pathway helps people with severe mental illness to plan and manage their own care, supported by a platform that brings all the tools together in one place []

Core Sport wins Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2019

Core Sport has scooped a prestigious award for using sport to help those with mental health issues across the capital []

Examples of Core Sport courses, check timetable for up to date information

Core Health

A weight management programme that provides you with all the nutritional information you need to reach your weight management goals along with an optional weigh-in. Core Health boasts peer support weekly sessions to keep you on track, motivated and on your way to leading a healthy lifestyle.


A session compromised of non-contact boxing techniques, padwork and fitness drills to get you into shape. Benefits include bolstered fitness levels, increased strength, and greater agility. These sports not only deliver physical gains, but are a great way to improve focus, release aggression and frustration and promote positive mental health in a controlled, friendly manner. Session are designed for all levels.

Chair Based Aerobics

Chair based aerobics is a good way for older adults to move without putting too much strain on their bodies. The exercises are perfect for those with limited mobility or balance issues. The movements increase blood circulation and flexibility while also lubricate the joints and strengthen individual muscles.

Circuit Training

A high-intensity class for those wanting to get a little bit sweaty! This class offers the ideal combination of aerobic activity along with strength training to deliver the perfect workout, comprising exercises across 10 different stations targeting the entire body. All levels are welcome and exercises can be customised depending on individual levels of fitness and mobility.

The ideal class for those wanting to lose weight, tone up and get fit!


Cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise that allows you to take in the greenery and canal paths around Hackney and the surrounding boroughs whilst building cardiovascular fitness. Learn how to cycle safely on the roads, master working through the different gears and test your skills on different terrains. If you do not have a bike, no problem! Core Sport has 10 bikes that can be borrowed for this session, which will work on a first come, first served basis. You are more than welcome to ride your own bike too.


Keep fit the creative way by joining in with our 10-week dance courses in a variety of styles. Dance is a great way to boost body confidence, strength and fitness and also improve posture. All classes have an emphasis on fun and enjoyment as well as providing choreography for all levels. Make sure to check the website for more details on when new courses start up.

Tennis, Table Tennis & Rackets Sports

Core Sport offers tennis, badminton and table tennis as part of our sport provision. These sports are a great way to improve fitness, hand-eye co-ordination and to help find future playing partners. Benefits include using up excess energy, improved concentration and focus. Whether you like a friendly rally or a bit of competition, these groups offer it all.

All sessions are perfect for beginners and the more advanced.

Stretch & Relaxation

Core Sport offers different styles of yoga and relaxation classes to suit different needs. All classes help to improve flexibility, posture and create a greater sense of relaxation and stress relief. In addition to these benefits, regular participation leads to relief from pain, better range of motion around the joints and enhanced muscular co-ordination.

These classes are ideal for those seeking a more gentle approach to exercise that not only has physical benefits, but also supports mental well-being; in particular for those suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Walking groups

Pound the streets, parks and riverbanks to fitness. A very social group for those wanting a low-impact way of getting fit, focusing on routes around green spaces, parks and nature. These sessions are ideal for those just starting out on their fitness adventure and wanting to make new friends. Walking in these surroundings is great way to relieve stress and enhance mental well-being.

Speed of walking is dictated by those attending the sessions; all fitness levels are welcome.

Walking Football

Walking football is an excellent way to exercise, lower the heart rate and blood pressure and help your mobility. It is also a great way to make social connections and positively affect overall your mental and physical health.

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