Art Techniques and Materials

Learn how to build and develop your art skills. From still life and the human figure, understanding materials and the use of themes, this course explores different drawing and painting techniques. Learn about a range of core concepts such as line, tone, shape, perceptive and colour and explore ways to use them more creatively.


Learn how to work with your hands to create sculptures, ornaments, tiles, plates and bowls through different forms of clay. Develop your pottery and ceramics skills from design, glazing and firing through to exhibiting.

Learn basic techniques in preparing clay, and develop your skills in coiling, pinching, slabbing, and wedging. Make impressions and textures into clay, exploring 2D imagery. Develop your 2D images into 3D workable designs.

You will use Buff Stoneware and Terracotta Earthenware clay, and learn how to apply coloured stains to decorate raw ware. Try biscuit firing and understand how glazes behave on fired ware.

Stimulate your ideas through gallery and museum visits, artbooks and online research, engage in group discussion and share your artistic knowledge.

You will understand the nature of clay, glazing and the concept of how ceramics function from the raw stage to the fired finished product. You will produce your own ceramic artwork independently. You will have the opportunity to exhibit and learning to price work for sale.

Developing Art Practice

Focus on personal art projects you want to develop through supported portfolio discussions. Bring in artwork you have created in either another art class or at home as a starting point. By expressing your ideas through discussion with your tutor, find pathways to enhance your artistic practice as you concentrate on your Creative Work Plan.

Examine your art skills closely and identify which Fine Art techniques you would like to develop. Explore drawing in charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, painting in watercolour, acrylic or oils, printing in screenprint and lino cuts, sculpting and constructing 3D work and experiment in mixing media together.

Learn to evaluate your art practice and projects through group discussion and tutor guidance. You will be signposted to artists and designers whose work links to your practice, and through research gain perspective about how your personal art projects fits within the context of contemporary art.

Fashion & Textiles

Learn how to make your own clothes! This course aims at building your confidence using sewing equipment, understanding body shapes and measurement and learning how to construct garments.

This course welcomes sewers of all levels, from beginners to more advanced. You will learn how to use a sewing machines, when to use different stitches, make buttonholes, apply zips and understanding different sewing techniques. You will also learn the basics of pattern cutting.

You will have access to commercial patterns, but if you want to develop your own projects the tutors will be there to help and assist you. You will also learn how to repair, alter and repurpose your preloved clothes. Depending on your skills, you will able to work with a wide rage of fabric such as cotton, silk, wool and many more.

Introduction to Art

If you’re new to Visual Arts, this essential class is where to develop your artistic skills. Create artwork in response to ideas and themes that inspire you, as you explore a wide range of art mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture.

Develop your Fine Art skills in imaginative and observational drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture. Explore and learn art techniques drawing with charcoal and pen and ink, painting in watercolour, acrylic and oil paints, screen-printing and lino-cuts, collage, sculpture and 3D work.

Learn more about contemporary and historical art movements and individual artists’ body of work. Share your ideas, reflections and responses to artwork and improve your artistic language and analytical skills.

You are encouraged to experiment and try out different techniques to explore your art practice and identify what inspires you. You will have access to a range of source materials from art books, handouts, and opportunities to visit museums and gallery exhibitions throughout the year.

Life Drawing

Draw the human form through observing a life model. Create drawings in quick succession through short poses and more detailed drawings or paintings. Learn to use a range of art materials such as chalks, charcoal and inks, and develop your techniques as a figurative artist.

Gain confidence representing the human form through observing a life model. As the course progresses, you will develop your technique as a figurative artist.

Create drawings in quick succession of the model striking short poses, which will develop your mark making and act as a warm up. This will lead to capturing the model in longer poses, where you can concentrate on character, detail, definition and form. By focusing on the composition in each artwork, your attention will be drawn to the positive and negative space around the body. You will develop your knowledge of perspective and learn how to draw in proportion and foreshorten.

Experiment with a range of drawing materials including pencil, charcoal, pastels and inks on paper and card. You will also have the opportunity create paintings, mono-prints and mixed media collages, on paper, board and canvas.

Understand the value of life drawing practice and its context in the history of Fine Art. Learn about anatomy of the human form by studying renowned life drawings by artists from Da Vinci and Michaelangelo to Gormley and Freud. Develop your visual art language to critique work and within the group and share your experience of life drawing challenges. Develop your confidence in responding to each other’s artwork with personal insight and feedback.

Painting in all Media

Develop your painting techniques in brushwork, colour mixing and composition design. Learn how to skillfully paint in all media to create portraits, still life and how to interpret famous paintings into your own transcriptions. Journey through the History of Art in paintings as you learn about artists in our group discussions.


Experiment with a range of printmaking techniques such as collage, mono printing, linocut and woodcut. Develop new ideas or draw upon your existing artwork as a starting point for your prints. Learn about artists and designers and identify those that inspire your own work.

Explore your creative ideas to produce a series of prints on a theme that inspires you. Access source materials for individual research from our art book collection, the Internet, photographs and by visiting gallery and museum exhibitions. Develop confidence in your own creative work and artistic language through group and one:one tutorial discussions. Improve your printmaking techniques learning about printmakers past and present.



Bass players or learners, we have one to one tutorials you can book with our skilled volunteer. Learn the basics or develop your existing technique so you can join the Core Jam in the Music Studio.


All are welcomed, free and not part of your hours or day.

Easy Jam Sessions

Welcoming musicians of all abilities into the Music Studio, to participate in our relaxed and creative easy jam sessions. We insure the group is collaborative whether you are new to jamming, as well as a seasoned musician.

Choose from the variety of Core instruments you are familiar with or pick up a new one. Vocalists are equally welcomed.

Focus on your listening skills, paying attention to the instrumental and vocal sounds being produced. Using simple structures as the starting point for creative musical journeys, develop your music skills in chords and sequencing, creating harmonies and rhythm.

Playing in a variety of styles and genres, we cater to all tastes, from Rock to Reggae, Hip Hop to Folk. Better still see how different genres fuse to make something completely new and original.

Musicians are welcome to work towards a recording or public performance or to simply play for the fun of it.


Pick up a guitar and try your hand at a different song each week. Develop your technique as a guitarist, in this supportive group setting. Develop chords, tuning your guitar, open strings and fingerpicking patterns. Guitars are provided.

Introduction to Music Production (Logic)

The aim of this course is to create and record music, using music technology (Apple/ Logic) assisted by the tutor. You will develop existing skills or learning from scratch using state of the art equipment. learners will be encouraged to follow the learning method they prefer, make original pieces and keep CD recordings of their work at their own pace. You will meet other like-minded music creatives and learn skills adaptable for home recording or further courses.

Jam Sessions

Jam sessions stimulate creative music development. Choose from the variety of Core instruments you are familiar with or pick up a new one – vocalists welcome. Join in and interact with your fellow musicians, contributing to the music being created through improvisation and expansion. We welcome members who are new to jamming, as well as seasoned musicians, insuring the group is collaborative.

Focus on your listening skills, paying attention to the instrumental and vocal sounds being produced. Develop your music skills in chord construction and sequencing, creating harmonies and rhythm.

Practiced jam sessions may lead to music studio recordings, which can act as a guide for future music arrangements and as a resource to build on and sample.


Develop your piano and keyboard skills in playing music pieces, learning skills in accompanying, improvising and composing. Improve your technique by practicing chord sequences, scales and sight reading. Listen to different music genres such as Classical, Jazz and Pop. Select music that resonates with you personally and play it in your own expressive style. Focus on an element of existing pieces to create an improvised or original piece to finish the session. As your keyboard skills grow, learn to experiment in composing your own music.

Each session begins with a practical warm-up exercise on the keyboard to get your fingers working. If you are new to keyboard, begin by playing melodies with a single hand, whereas experienced players can improve co-ordinating both hands.

Book your half hour weekly session through the Tutor, to reserve a keyboard. You can book time to practice the keyboard between lessons throughout the week at Core. As these are one to one sessions, beginners, intermediate and experienced players are all welcome.

Kit Drumming

Come to one to one kit drumming lessons that will help you develop your technique and build your confidence to play at Core Jams, or perform at Core Gigs in the future. Reserve a session via the booking sheet on the door of Studio 2.

Live Studio: Furthering Song Ideas

Enter in a fully equipped, ready to record studio. Explore the instrument that is your singing voice and strengthen your vocal chords through enjoyable studio sessions exploring popular songs. Musicians will be on hand to provide the music.

Music Recording Workshop

If you are new to music, this class is essential for your induction into Core music studios.

Understand the fundamentals of making music through rhythm, melody and harmony. Play instruments from percussion to guitar and keyboard; and learn how to keep in time and improvise within a group. Focus on the practical elements of music and learn about scales, keys, chords, and composition. Explore music, listening to a wide range of genres to reveal their structure and arrangement.

Each session involves the group working together to create a piece of music. As you develop your confidence, you can introduce music of your choice and discuss adapting and arranging the music with the Tutor. This class can give you the opportunity to start writing your own music and explore new musical projects. Once the group have rehearsed a piece of music and feel ready to perform in the music studio, your Tutor can arrange and facilitate a recording session.

After attending this course, a natural progression would be into classes in: guitar, bass, kit drumming and keyboard classes, intermediate and advanced music classes, and taking part in the Jam sessions.

Music Performance Skills

Whether you are an experienced musician, singer or rapper/MC, discover and maximise your potential as a performer on live stage and in the music studio. Develop your music performance dynamism by memorising your lyrics, learning microphone techniques for optimal sound quality, and developing your delivery and timing. Music Performance Skills gives you the space to practice effectively with supportive fellow musicians.

Bring in your own words and beats, or create and build on original material through group jam sessions. Increase your aural awareness of other musicians and focus on the instrumentation. You’ll have the chance to reinterpret classic songs in an original way, playing them in a different style or adding different instruments.

By rehearsing in collaboration with fellow musicians, you can work as a group towards recording. Record your own music and produce an E.P. or full-length album.

Through attending Music Performance Skills sessions, you will gain confidence to perform at Core gigs and at external music events and festivals.

Performance and Vocal Skills

Enter in a fully equipped, ready to record studio. Explore the instrument that is your singing voice and strengthen your vocal chords through enjoyable studio sessions exploring popular songs. Musicians will be on hand to provide the music.

Music Technology: Logic

Learn how to use Logic Express music software to compose and produce your own music on the Mac.

Develop your skills in music production and composition. Compose with loops, MIDI and sampling. Learn Logic skills in sequencing, editing and mixing. Discover what the terms gain staging, signal processing, routing, synthesis and automation mean, and apply these techniques to your music.

As you gain confidence in using Logic you can access the MIDI suite to fine-tune your compositions and add live instruments and vocals to your tracks.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can use Logic to create your own songs and albums, publishing your music online and submitting it for air play on radio shows.

Vocals for Performance

Fun, light-hearted, RnB, Soul, Gospel singing for performance sessions with guitar accompaniment.

We will work on individual projects as well as encourage group work.

You do not have to be an experienced singer-songwriter to join these sessions. All you need is the willingness to participate and be ready to have fun.

Songwriting Techniques

Fun, light-hearted, RnB, Soul  and jazz song-writing sessions with piano accompaniment

We will work on individual projects as well as encourage group work.

You do not have to be an experienced singer song- writer to join these sessions. All you need is the willingness to participate and be ready to have fun.

Songwriting Jam

Turn your words and poetry into lyrics and learn how to construct a song in this focused songwriting group.

Vocal Performance Skills

One to one bookable tuition – develop your voice.

Multimedia & Creative Writing

Creative Computing

Develop your Creative Computing skills and become more proficient using a Mac. Learn how to use software including Photoshop and iMovie to edit your creative visual, sound, video and written work. You can manipulate work digitally to create new visual, sound or animated work.

Upload your artwork and create your own digital portfolio to share online. Upload your music to sites, which offer a platform to share your music and invite valuable feedback.

Upload your creative writing in a book format to self publish online and in print.

Learn how to design and create your own blog and website, or publish online. Design your own marketing materials including press designing CD and DVD covers, flyers, postcards and posters also learn to write your online biographies and press releases. Represent and promote yourself through online platforms and creative networks. Enhance your creative recognition through a well thought out web presence as an artist.

Creative Writing

Explore your imagination and bring your thoughts about the world around you to life, through creative writing and poetry performance. Develop your literary skills and improve your confidence to read your prose aloud in these group sessions.

Discover your ability to write through diverse exercises that bring your experiences to life on the page. Learn about different forms of poetry and techniques you can use to express your thoughts.

Read and listen to the poems of renowned and underground poets from different genres and cultures, then share your responses with the group.

Find poetry and writing that inspires you to create your own prose. Share your creative writing with fellow writers and gain valuable feedback for progression.

Develop your vocal skills to perform your poetry in public with confidence.

Digital Profile and Social Media

Empower yourself as an artist/ musician/ writer by creating a web presence that defines and promotes your individual voice. Release electronic books and music, and use internet-based services to manufacture hard copies.

Social media has given artists more control over their career than at any point in history, and this course is designed to explore the opportunities now available. The primary platforms we’ll be using are: Bandcamp, Blogspot, Blurb, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Wix and Youtube.