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hey, my name is Shay i was born in London, north London 1985.

Growing up my parents always played music from 1980s on any occasion from driving the car to cleansing the house. i never actually followed music much until i went to secondary school and my classmates introduced to garage,rnb and hiphop. i remember my older brother played Wu Tang Clan and my younger brother played Tupac Shakur and Bone Thugs n Harmony i liked it, really enjoyed it!! from there i was offered an event manage worker for Rising Tide, that took place in summer early 2000. I met a few unsigned artists like Little rascals.

Met a couple of friends and up to now been making mainly hip hop songs on my friends laptop. Now who inspires me to make instrumentals is artists like The RZA and DJ Paul.

I would like to launch a project working with youths like producing and performing arts.

Shayden Ndaliki

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