Mainstream beauty standards are old news; we are all gorgeous. Inclusivity and collaboration is everything, And representation matters.

Brought together and directed by Fashion Accessories Designer and Design Tutor Sally Turner, and shaped and named by her inspirational Volunteer team Claire, Ursula and Lily. CORELABORATE marks a new attitude in Fashion for the 2020’s adding a dash of deluxe style to Core values of togetherness, acceptance, community, compassion, charm, humor, empathy, social healing, and fun.

CORELABORATE is a snapshot of time in the Fashion & Textiles and Leather-Craft & Accessories Design Students’ ongoing work, collaborating on multiple platforms, whether that be the catwalk show, static exhibition, photo shoot, inspirational ideas for show production, modelling, attending Design classes, participating on Design trips, contributing words to the COLLABORATE!

Widening opportunities between Fashion and Music, the original catwalk soundtrack is created by Core Arts Student Music Producers, Beat Makers, Rappers and Singers from the Core Arts Music Technology department, incorporated into the joy of discovery.

Sustainability is the word on the tip of the modern Fashion Industry’s tongue, and if we care about people, we must care about the future of our planet. Most of the materials used in CORELABORATE are sustainably sourced from S.C.R.A.P. Project: Hackney, including high quality fabrics, leathers, and vegan-friendly leather substitutes, all donated surplus stock from the British Fashion Industry, reducing landfills, as well as customised and recycled clothing and accessories and charity shop treasures sourced by the Student Designers.

We can redefine fashion, just by living it

Photos ©Hailey Coleen 2019