At a very early age, with the onset of war I was sent to live with strangers in the country, where I remained for six and a half years.
I would often stand on the gate & look up the lane hoping to see my parents come round the corner. This particular time I remember turning away and thinking to myself: I’m never going to live with my parents or have brothers and sisters. I gazed up at the blue sky and was embraced with the idea of creativity.

I realised there was something I could always rely on. And that was the beginning of my love for Art. It was my good fortune to receive training and be able to earn my living in this field. Much later, after many events in life’s journey; I found myself in Hackney once more with a longing, this time for my ‘Artistic Family’. Finally, a friend told me about ‘Prince’s Drawing School’ & there I went and met some very able artists who also volunteered at a place called ‘Core Arts’. I had bought a print from a member called ‘Tribal Scream’ and it was suggested I came to look around. I loved the charismatic building and friendly people and realised I had come home.

Sara Hayward

Coming home, an exhibition by Sara Hayward
October 2019