Polypod needed at Core Landscapes

We need polypod for a new community garden for people experiencing mental ill-health, providing a dry teaching area for vulnerable people to develop gardening skills, connect with others and grow plants to green up a densely populated urban environment.

The pandemic is challenging for all of us, but for people already experiencing mental health, those challenges can be extreme.  Core Landscapes offers a safe space for mental respite and to build life-long gardening skills that promote positive mental health and self-care long term.

“It gives me something to look forward to each week”

Your support will help us expand our work in the local area, kick-starting a new community garden to promote positive mental health for all.

*This sustainably sourced timber-framed Polypod uses rigid polycarbonate panels and is a cross between a greenhouse and polytunnel. Ideal for our inner-city urban environment for its durability, safety, insulation and light levels.)