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transforming meanwhile sites to promote positive mental health for all

Core Landscapes

Community Garden and Plant Nursery

A Core Arts project

Creating a green haven for the community. By the Community.

Core Landscapes transforms vacant land in deprived urban areas into hubs for community engagement through horticulture, design, workshops, training and events – improving physical health, mental wellbeing and community cohesion.

Get involved, volunteers wanted now!

New Location

Whitechapel E1

Core Landscapes offers a peaceful space away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding Whitechapel streets.

Sandwiched between the Royal London Hospital E1 and it’s fascinating medical museum Core Landscapes meanwhile project is a pocket garden, community plant nursery, food growing area and design space.

Open to the public and project members on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekend event days.

How to get here

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Latest News

What we do

Community Microplots
Community Garden
Plant Nursery
Green Care
Hiring Space

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Awards Press Release 26.9.18
Interview with Nemone Mercer
feature in Garden Magazine
Our feature in Growth Point Autumn 2017:


  • OVERALL WINNER “Our Community Award” – London in Bloom Award 2018

  • GOLD “London in Bloom” 2018

  • OUTSTANDING “It’s Your Neighbourhood Award” 2018

  • BEST CONTRIBUTION TO HEALTH AND WELLBEING Groundwork Award finalist 2017
  • Finalist in the Groundwork Community Awards ‘Best Community Contribution to Health and Wellbeing’ 2017

  • ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood Award’ Thriving 2016

  • ‘London in Bloom’ The Greener Streets Awards 2016

  • ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood Award’ Thriving 2015

  • Core Arts are Shortlisted for the City of London’s ‘Sustainable City Awards: Greening the Third Sector’ 2013 / 14

  • Core Arts win The Mayor of Hackney’s ‘Best Sustainable Business Award’ 2014

  • City Bridge Trust ‘Growing Localities Award’ 2013 Winner: reclaiming and developing wasteland category

  • ‘Capital Growth’ 2nd Prize for Best Food Growing 2012

  • ‘London in Bloom’ Certificate of Excellence 2012

  • Hackney in Bloom’ Certificate of Excellence and a Green Penant Award for Best Community Garden, 2012 – relating to Core Arts Garden in Hackney



“I have poor mental health normally so this really impacted on me and gave me an anchor, a sense of belonging and of the opportunities to reach out and find work or leisure possibilities.”

”I’ve learnt a lot about sowing, time length, watering and soil depth etc. I’ve seen that there are so many people who want a bit of green and cleaner cheaper healthier living despite being constrained by low incomes.”

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